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About Jacs

The Japanese Association Clinic, Singapore was founded in 1985. The clinic is registered with Ministry of Health in Singapore, as a GP clinic.

We have 3 full time Doctors: Dr Nakayama, Dr Mori and Dr Yap Ai Lin. While Dr Nakayama and Dr Mori sees only Japanese patients, Dr Yap can attend to all patients like any local general practitioner.

The services we provide include:

  • General health screening, including ladies check- up (like Pap smear etc)
  • Children and adult vaccination
  • General consultation
  • Driving licence, Employment pass and School entrance check up
  • In-house General Xray, Barium examination, Mammogram and ultrasound
  • In-house Laboratory
  • Gastroscopy facility
  • Lasting Power of Attorney certification
  • Mental assessment


To facilitate consultation with a suitable doctor, please kindly call: 64696488 for appointment in advance.


How to find us



The Japanese Association Clinic, Singapore


120 Adam Road, Singapore 289899


(65) 6467-0070
(65) 6469-6488


(65) 6467-1298



※Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Opening Hours

(Except Wednesday)
AM 09:00~12:00
PM 14:00~17:00
Wednesday AM 09:00~12:30
Saturday AM 08:30~14:00
(12:00-14:00 weekend fees apply)
Sunday & P.Holiday Closed
Non-Japanese and Non-Members are also Welcome!